Card-Drawing Engines Are Overrated

There are exceptions disproving the rule of course, and some card drawing engines like Library of Alexandria or Necropotence are so obviously broken that they could hardly be overrated (if anything Necropotence was scandalously underrated by some players and WotC followed them for so long that people had to wait for the next millennium before … Continue reading Card-Drawing Engines Are Overrated

The City In a Bottle Case, part I

Along those two decades and change of Magic, we've seen a lot of justifications for  banning and restricting magic cards. Cards have been banned and restricted for all sorts of reasons, not just their perceived excessive power but also : their non-practicability  (ante & dexterity cards), time and space constraints in organised play (Shahrazad), being … Continue reading The City In a Bottle Case, part I

Fishliver Oil Cup : Finding Yourself in Genova

I finally found it. It's not far from one of the most beautiful place around. You have to want it. It's a bit of an improbable maze to reach it. You have to need it even. The isolation, the serenity. When I find it there are already three people there. The guy that reads his … Continue reading Fishliver Oil Cup : Finding Yourself in Genova

The 5 Timewalking Credos

Historicity.  Well, it's not called Timewalking for no reason. Historical relevance is paramount. While some don't care, some like me do and to the point that I wouldn't support an old school card pool that hasn't be played officially. One of the desired effect too is that you can re-imagine a format you or others … Continue reading The 5 Timewalking Credos

Spotlight on Mirror Universe

When I did my first "spotlight on" (Sylvan Libary), I went over the interaction with Mirror Universe real fast.  That interaction, and the deck that abuses it the most (Mirrorball) deserve articles of their own. When I posted an Instagram of my colour-correct Mirror Universe I asked people if they knew how to play around the … Continue reading Spotlight on Mirror Universe