Deck Tech & Video Report : Moxless Troll in Old School 95

Pushing further the exploitation of Nature's Lore already started in the 5c-aggro deck, I endeavored to push the card as far as I thought I could and added some more Sylvan Library, Demonic Consultation and even a Brainstorm. When two great cards have great synergy.. The result was quite lovely. As much as I'm inclined … Continue reading Deck Tech & Video Report : Moxless Troll in Old School 95


The Jayemdae Tome Case

In what seems to me like a strange turn of events both Stephen Menendian and Magnus de Laval suggest to restrict the card in the Swedish format to fix its imbalance (The Deck dominating it). [EDIT:] Menendian only suggests it as an option in case people want to nerf The Deck, as of today he's … Continue reading The Jayemdae Tome Case

Card-Drawing Engines Are Overrated

There are exceptions disproving the rule of course, and some card drawing engines like Library of Alexandria or Necropotence are so obviously broken that they could hardly be overrated (if anything Necropotence was scandalously underrated by some players and WotC followed them for so long that people had to wait for the next millennium before … Continue reading Card-Drawing Engines Are Overrated

The City In a Bottle Case, part I

Along those two decades and change of Magic, we've seen a lot of justifications for  banning and restricting magic cards. Cards have been banned and restricted for all sorts of reasons, not just their perceived excessive power but also : their non-practicability  (ante & dexterity cards), time and space constraints in organised play (Shahrazad), being … Continue reading The City In a Bottle Case, part I